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sweep friending meme [05 Oct 2011|10:19pm]

♔sweep ♔
friending meme

Make new friends who are also Sweep fans! :D
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Can't find a scene [15 Feb 2009|10:32pm]

Hi guys- I'm new to this comm but not to the Sweep/Wicca series!

I was recently re-reading and remembered a certain incident in the series but wasn't able to quite remember where it occurred in the overall timeline, and so didn't know which book it was in.

Very very minor spoilerCollapse )

If anyone here could point me in the correct direction, that would be really great!

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[13 Sep 2008|09:14pm]


I have a mint-condition copy of LJ Smith's Heart Of Valor up for auction on ebay. The auction ends tomorrow night (9/14) so please check it out.

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"Soundtrack" for the books/characters... [26 Jun 2008|10:25pm]

I"m a little nuts and when I hear songs I often think "That would be *perfect* for that character/couple..." so I've compiled a list of songs for the Sweep series...these are just some I think work. I'd like to know if any one else has suggestions!

1. Anywhere by Evanescence--Hunter & Morgan
2. Another Confession (To be Loved) by Papa Roach--Cal (WARNING-This one has bad language in the unedited version!)
3. Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKinnet--Hunter & Morgan (especially during Night's Child)
4. How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love--Killian
5. Bliss by Syntax--Morgan, Sky, Raven, Bree
6. Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle--Cal
7. Before It's Too Late by The Goo Goo Dolls--Morgan & Hunter
8.Here's to the Night by Eve 6--Sky & Raven
9. Inside Out by Eve 6--Morgan (after Cal)
10.Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield--Morgan
11. Drive by Incubus--Morgan
12. Away from the Sun by 3 Doors Down--Morgan, Hunter
13. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down--Morgan & Bree
14. Let Me Go by 3 Doors down--Morgan & Cal, Morgan & Hunter
15.I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie--Morgan & Hunter
16. Innocent Man by Billy Joel--Hunter
17. And So It Goes by Billy Joel--Morgan & Hunter, Sky & Raven
18. Goodnight My Angel (Lullaby) by Billy Joel--Morgan, Colm & Moira
19.Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel--Hunter (to Morgan)
20. Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel--Morgan
21. River of Dreams by Billy Joel--Morgan, Alisa
22.She's Always a Woman to me by Billy Joel--Selene (with a touch of irony there...)
23.Uptown Girl by Billy Joel--Robbie (about Bree)
24.You May be Right by Billy Joel--Killian
25.It's Not Over by Daughtry--Colm
26.Home by Daughtry--Colm
27.Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day--Hunter
28.Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall Mashup by Green Day and Oasis--Hunter, Morgan
29.Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day--Morgan, Bree, Robbie
30. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's--Hunter (to Morgan while he's in Canada)
31. All Around Me by Flyleaf--Hunter (during Night's Child)
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Cast The Movie(s)!! [05 Jan 2008|12:00am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey all!
I dunno about you, but I would absolutely adore Sweep to be made into a series of movies, or better, a miniseries on tv.
If this happened, who would you cast as whom?

Make a list and put it here-

Since alot of people don't know every actor in the universe, get a picture of them and put it next to their names.
Might take some time, but whenever I read the series the "movie in my head" is constantly reeling with familiar faces!

Cheers friends!

I will make my list soon- I need to get some sleep before I have to go to work tomorrow...hehe.

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[10 Dec 2007|08:53pm]

 I've got a rare LJ Smith book up for auction. Please check it out.
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[19 Oct 2007|01:56pm]

  L.J. Smith fans, please check out my ebay auction !
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[17 Sep 2007|09:43am]

[ mood | awake ]

I've got an auction up at ebay that may interest some of you. So check it out:

LJ Smith Nightworld-The Chosen

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[10 May 2007|04:09pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey! Im new here. I just was on lj and decided to look for a community about Sweep.
I found it! Yey!

Well I havent finished the entire series yet, Im on book 11 I believe.
Told in Rose MacEawen's POV. Oh gosh I think I spelt her name wrong too.
Well Im so into these books, my mom hates em though.
I need people to talk to about em!

Haha. So.. HELLO! :D

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[23 Apr 2007|07:09pm]

Howdy! I'm new to this community, but not to the series. However, after re-reading the books for the umpteenth time this weekend, I was inspired. I've made 10 icons based on the US covers for the series; check them out here.
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I hope this is allowed, if not just delete the post. [29 Mar 2007|08:01pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I'm auctioning off the entire complete set of Sweep books on ebay and I thought this would be a good place to advertise. Please check it out. Thanks!


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[08 Jan 2007|10:15pm]

Hello everyone!

I have the entire Sweep series, #1-15, but it's just sitting in my bookshelf, not putting it into good use at all and kind of lost interest in them. I was just planning on putting them away and I felt really bad when I thought to myself somebody else could have them who would treasure them more. So I was wondering if anybody was interested in buying the whole series? I'm not really sure yet, details-wise, but if anybody is seriously willing to actually buy them, just reply to this post and we can talk about it more further.

Yeahh.. okay, thanks!
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OMIGOSH!! [06 Feb 2006|04:01pm]


hey guyz well i was watching my favorite show, south of nowhere, and being borde i was reading all the cast people ok so here it <br>

                 is chris hunter   <br>

                  rob moran (add a "g") <br>

       and             maeve  quinlan


isnt that weird? i freeked out!

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Balefire [06 Feb 2006|01:16pm]

Has anyone read the new series by Cate Tiernan? Balefire, so far I like it, but I feel it's a little reminiscent of Sweep, some of the plots in the first book remind me soooo much of sweep, like the love triangle thing, if you've read it, you know what I'm talking about....

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Couple questions. [01 Feb 2006|11:26pm]

Hi guys :) I've been a Sweep fan for about a year, but I've only read the books twice and I'm a bit unclear on a couple things, and I was wondering if you guys could fill me in...

01. Does anyone remember the 'clan' names? I remember Leapvaughn and Woodbayne, but I'm missing the other five (atleast, I think there were seven in all).

02. Does anyone recall the coven names? Amyranth and Starlocket come to mind, but I don't remember any of the others.

03. Am I the only complete and utter dork here that makes icons of the characters in the books? Not of the cover art, but I use models that I think look like the characters. Like the current icon I'm posting with - it's really Jeisa Chiaminazzo, but she's the personification of Morgan for me. I'm also making a Jeisa mood theme so I can further my Morgan fixation :P

( x-posted to sweep_series )
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[16 Dec 2005|05:16pm]

i finished it. finnally. and i am just like . . . wow. . .
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[13 Dec 2005|04:00pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

ok so like ive been on full circle for about a week now. i wanna savor each word. wheras the other books i finished like 2 a day.and wow i always hoped cal would come back and now its come true! i cried when morgan woke up almost stepping over the cliff. and also alisa isnt as bad as i thought. and whats the deal with patrice? dose she have some bigger rold in this story other than just sumone trying to save their kid? this is the kind of excitment i love about these books! my friend jamie is barley on the 4 the book, dark magick. man her whole world is gonna flip upsidedown!thats when everything changes!

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[03 Dec 2005|02:32pm]

i cant belive wats going on so far! alisa stole morgans book. i get an odd feeling that what happened to morgan is gonna happen to alisa
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YAYA [03 Dec 2005|11:34am]

im so happy i got the rest of the sweep books including nights child!
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YAYA! [02 Dec 2005|10:29am]

[ mood | happy ]

man im so friggen happy! my book cam ein! #12 here i come!lolz so far my fave was that one where morgan shapeshifted. i was screaming afterward SHE CHOOSE GOOD!!!!!!!!! HUNTER AND ARE ARE A THING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! lolz but now man i cant wait to dig my nose in this new book! i was rereading sum of the other books. and i dont really like alisa to much! she seems like a goody good to me. why is she so hard on morgan? man i want cal back, evil as he was he was hot! but im glad morgans has hunter. imagine if hunter never came to investigate cal and selen. wow where would morgan be now?

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