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Cast The Movie(s)!!

Hey all!
I dunno about you, but I would absolutely adore Sweep to be made into a series of movies, or better, a miniseries on tv.
If this happened, who would you cast as whom?

Make a list and put it here-

Since alot of people don't know every actor in the universe, get a picture of them and put it next to their names.
Might take some time, but whenever I read the series the "movie in my head" is constantly reeling with familiar faces!

Cheers friends!

I will make my list soon- I need to get some sleep before I have to go to work tomorrow...hehe.
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It's weird you posted this, because I was just thinking about that! I really don't have any idea who to cast for different characters, but I'm going to keep thinking about it.

I always thought if he could hide the accent, Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood from the Harry Potter movies) would make an excellent Cal.
He has the look, thats for sure.
I'm re-visiting this post a few months later because I was re-reading book 7, and it gave me some ideas.

Killian has always reminded me of a younger Jude Law, like his character in A.I. I know he's described as being charming but not handsome, but he's still attractive in my mind.

I need to read more to remember what Ciaran is like, but I'm tentatively thinking Gary Oldman. I just finished the series and wish they'd make it into a movie/miniseries/tv show...And then I found this community and saw this post...So I found some people I thought would be good...

I picture Talulah Riley as Morgan--I saw her picture and did a double-take. She's pretty but as Morgan is described in the books as having a 'strong' nose...yeah.

I actually kind of picture Jena Malone as Bree. *shrugs* That one is kind of self-explanatory--and there are so many good choices for her...

Carey Mulligan (with blonde hair, obviously) for Sky...

And Hunter...Rupert Friend--again, his natural color is too dark for the book descriptions, but...
wow. I began reading the sweep series when it first came out in 2000. Hard to believe it's eight years ago!
I made an imaginary cast list in my journal back then and I was really pleased with it. I'm gonna go see if I can find it.
Doing this is so much fun!


August 6 2012, 15:10:19 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  August 6 2012, 15:11:31 UTC

I was just trying to figure this out a month or so ago... hang on, I'll go dig my version out of my notebook...

Ah, here it is. Now, me being a Brit and only knowing Brit actors really, you'd have to pretend they could do perfect American accents. >.> Though I did try to get the approximate ages right. And I couldn't think of anyone for Cal or Raven or Jenna, among others. But here are the ones I got:

Morgan Rowlands - Yasmin Paige
Mary K Rowlands - Chloe Moretz
Selene Belltower - Dichen Lachman
Hunter Niall - Thomas Sangster
Sky Eventide - Evanna Lynch
Robbie Gurevitch - Skandar Keynes
Bree Warren - Rachel Hurd-Wood
Alisa Soto - Georgie Henley
Matt Adler - Liam Aiken
Ethan Sharp - Tommy Knight
Maeve Riordan - Emily Browning
Ciaran MacEwan - Edward Norton (I only recently saw Fight Club for the first time, and he struck me as being able to be very normal and very sinister)


(edited for a few typos)